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The interactions we have in our lives shape who we are as people; the people we choose to be around speak volumes about us and to us. Our buddies serve as a reflection of our aspirations, core values, and relationships. But it happens frequently that we join friendships that aren’t good for us or maybe even unhealthy. Some people who claim to be your friends may actually be hurtful to you. However, it just seems natural when you find true friendship—the tried and true buddies. You can rely on them, and they will do the same for you. True, encouraging friends become into family. These relationships merely seem natural and are easy to maintain. There are moments when it’s crucial for friends to part ways, but there are other instances when friendships may become so all-consuming that they start to have a negative impact on our lives. Friendships are considered toxic when your buddies consistently let you down. This buddy focuses all of their time and attention on themselves in unhealthy friendships. They don’t really allow much room for your needs. They might propose that you modify who you are and leave you with the impression that there is something wrong with you. They might give you the impression that a ticking time bomb will explode at any second. Your energy and emotions are drained by these friendships, therefore it’s critical to leave them as soon as you can. It won’t be simple, but it can be made simpler with the help of other friends, family members, or a therapist.

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