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Behind the scenes of Ethiopiaye

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In the background of craftsman Rahel Getu’s new music Ethiopiaye. I addressed reggae symbols Augustus Pablo, Judy Mowatt, and Rita Marley, and the ’90s would bring Nigerian Sonny Okosuns and different specialists ready. All were melodic couriers of social awareness, educated by Rastafari and the Pan African Movement.

Visits to Europe and Africa were actuated in ’92, with my first visit to Lagos that very year. Work with visual specialists and picture takers on collection covers, show banners, and press units increased. Coincidentally, this was way before photoshop.

By 2001 seeds were re-planted in Ghana, my familial home, through my work with the Bob and Rita Marley Foundations. Dr. “Nana” Rita Marley moved there to construct ranches, schools, wellbeing focuses, wells, and then some. That very year, and with ten youngsters close by, I acquired a Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida (UF), got employed as the Ag.

Chief for the UF College of Law Center for Race and Race Relations and expected the job of Black Law Students guide; likewise figuring out how to coach growing amusement legal counselors. Be that as it may, in 2004, Dr. Rita Marley introduced a proposition I was unable to afford to ignore, to fill in as the Managing Director for the Bob Marley Foundation.

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