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Behind the tragic night of the incident in Ataye

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A choice has additionally been made to supply segments of the wheat to Sheger Bakery, which is required to get 165,000 quintals of wheat in the following two months, to empower it completely use its creation limit.

Moreover, this week, the Ministry of Trade and Industry coasted a delicate to secure 400,000 tons of wheat for the Ethiopian Trading Business Corporation to settle the market.

As indicated by Eshete, a panel included authorities from the MoTI, MoF, and PPDS, has been shaped to audit the delicate interaction. “We are buying the wheat-dependent on the uncommon course made by the Office of the Prime Minister, despite the fact that PPDS has the command to do as such. This is because of the desperation to purchase the thing,” Eshete said.

While bidders are required to introduce offer security of 400,000 Birr, the delicate will be opened on April 20, 2021, at the premises of the MoTI, which is situated around Arat Kilo close to the Tourist Hotel. Around the same time, another delicate, glided by the Ministry to purchase 170,300 tons of rice and 320,000 metric huge loads of white sugar for Trading Corporation and Sugar Corporation, will be opened within the sight of bidders.

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