Being late is not our tradition…the Ethiopian Dave Chappelle

A crucial people skill is knowing how to be amusing. The majority of individuals are unaware that humor can be learned. In fact, I hope to persuade you that the funniest people practice being clever. Additionally, humor matters. Everything can be made simpler by developing a sense of humor. I’ll tell you a tale. I was dining with my favorite person a year ago. However, I hadn’t cracked a single joke in the previous hour. The meal was excellent. The business was excellent. I loved how weird it was. This guy needed to be impressed. Despite this, all I had been saying was “Wow…Cool” and “OMG, that’s SO wonderful…” with exaggeratedly dramatic dropped jaws. My pulse was pounding. Such a loser!, my inner self was calling me out. I wasn’t able to think of something smart right away.
I woke up the following morning knowing that I had utterly blown it. He must have thought I was boring because I certainly did. I felt stupid, so I looked up “how to be funny?” on Uncle Google. I received some intriguing but unhelpful responses. I’m sure those funny tips are all true, things like, “Listen carefully,” “Appreciate irony,” and “Be surprising.” I set out to discover practical, approachable humor that anyone can use. My aim was to find specific lines and formulas that ANYONE could use to be humorous in everyday conversations. The ambiguous instructions still leave me unsure of what to say, so I wanted to go beyond them. Let’s alter that for you as well. I have written a post on how to be funnier using the research I just mentioned. Here are the exact lines, formulas, and useful tactics if you want to learn how to become funnier in both your personal and professional life.

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