Being with her changed my life….I started living

Each of us is exposed to both healthy and unhealthy love stories as we grow up. I discovered some lovely, enlivening concepts regarding love, concepts like these: Believing in someone’s potential is a sign of love. Love entails showing kindness and gentleness to others. Loving someone means recognizing and encouraging their accomplishments. But I also heard some love-related stories growing up that I later realized weren’t all that helpful. These romantic notions caused issues in my relationships. One of those tales said, “To love someone is to be available to them at all times.” Another was: Loving someone means giving them time and space to talk about whatever they want. Another common misconception about love holds that, even though it may be challenging, if you love someone, you will do whatever they ask of you. I’ve created my own rules for loving the people in my life; these rules express how I want to interact with those who are in my life. Avoid listening to decide whether you concur or disagree. Learn about the truth for the person in front of you by listening. Enjoy the journey and get to know an inner landscape that is different from your own. Keep in mind that you weren’t really listening if nothing in any conversation piqued your interest or surprised you. Really. Throw the entire thing away. Their routines are their routines. Their characteristics are who they are. Leave them alone and concentrate on what you want to change about yourself rather than what you believe needs to be changed about them. Allow them to fully express who they are. Then, based on who they are, you decide what you need. Do you need to ask them directly to alter their behavior in any way? Do you need to better look after yourself?

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