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Bekele Gerba’s brother arrested

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The Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, nonetheless, expressed that the new organization persistently looked for all potential roads for a quiet goal of the matter, including through a few questioners.

In any event, when TPLF and its acolytes dispatched both undercover and public missions just as rebellious endeavors to crash the change interaction. TPLF rebuked all these harmony motions; all things considered, it openly heightened war public demonstration of power.

Which eventually finished with an abrupt and baldfaced military assault on the northern border of Ethiopian National Defense Forces positioned in the Tigray locale, executing scores of the power individuals, and plundering the deadly implement, Demeke expressed.

He noticed, “our need at present is the restoration of influenced zones of the Tigray Regional State, including conveying genuinely necessary helpful help, remaking harmed foundation, and continuing social administrations, setting up lawfulness, and reestablishing full harmony and strength.”


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