Bemnet Mulugeta talks about herself and her acting career

Before I ever entered a stage or performed any acting, I was aware that I was an actress. When I was younger, I informed my mother that I would behave in this way. I’m not sure why I was so convinced, but I still act in this way today. It’s a fiercely competitive industry, but if you have that propensity, you’ll probably be pulled to it and it won’t likely go away until you explore that side of yourself. I am aware that I don’t need to inform even one individual about how challenging my job route is. I and other experts have talked extensively about how difficult the field is, how the competition is as fierce as the Olympics, and how the future is never clear. I won’t bore you with a lecture about rejection, getting older, the scarcity of good roles, the magnitude of the competition increasing every year, and the often insurmountable difficulty of even receiving an audition for a job you’re qualified for, let alone the problem of getting the dang position. These are the actors who will perform for audiences of seven, who will show up for every audition they are requested to attend, even for short films that don’t pay and are being directed by inexperienced film students, and who will play roles that they believe to be poorly written or inappropriate for their age range. They will do their damnedest and read for any parts that call for a fencing background or an Icelandic accent. They’ll agree to one-line parts in web series and sincerely thank the director for the chance.

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