benefits of eggs and Vaseline for your face

This Vaseline and egg white mask is actually for everything if you’re searching for a cure-all, fix-all type of face mask. And by everything, we mean acne, random breakouts, dull skin, dry skin, oily skin, aging skin, and even acne scars, dark spots, and sun spots will be reduced. If you only try one mask this week, make it this Vaseline and egg white face mask. You will not be disappointed. This Vaseline face mask is one of our favorites because it’s so easy to create and only involves a few basic ingredients: Vaseline, egg white, and a little lime or lemon juice. Even better, you’ll notice brighter, softer skin after only one usage, and when applied on a regular basis (2-3 times per week), it can cure a variety of ailments (see above!). Vaseline on the face has a truly wonderful effect; it brightens dull skin, softens it, and imparts a gorgeous glow to all skin types, including sensitive skin. Another fantastic approach to get rid of dirt, pollutants, and blackheads is to use eggs for facial problems. Raw eggs are high in protein and minerals, and they can tighten the skin and prevent premature aging when utilized on a daily basis.

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