Bereket the farmer life style and her source of income

Success is defined differently by each of us. It should be defined differently by each of us, and here’s why. However, successful people also tend to exhibit a number of similar behaviors and attitudes. They are prepared to deal with vulnerability, emotional ups and downs, and the possibility of failure in both public and private. They don’t want to accept a success ceiling; they want to succeed on their terms. Talent is obviously important, but any team can only succeed if its members can cooperate, put their egos aside, and sacrifice individually when necessary. Only when it emanates from the top can that spirit exist. And because of this, successful people put more emphasis on the person than the position, the team over the hierarchy, and, most importantly, how to benefit from the success and happiness of others. Most people just pick between columns A and B. Success-oriented people frequently skim columns A and B before creating their own column C. There are always two options available when you need to make a significant decision. You can consider the variety of options available to you, choose the best one, and attempt to make it work. Alternately, you can follow the example of a true entrepreneur and identify the best possible option before making it accessible. Because success means something different to successful people than it does to the general public, entrepreneurs frequently achieve the unthinkable. Others may be dubious. People may have criticisms. Some people may criticize, judge, and disapprove. You could care less. You recognize all those viewpoints for what they are: data, neither right nor wrong. You may respect other people’s opinions, but you believe in your ideas, your abilities, your will, and your perseverance and dedication, so you sift through that data for the actual nuggets you can use. You have self-confidence.

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