Beshati talks about people talked to her after she gave birth

In the first few days following your child’s birth, a lot happens. There will be both emotional and physical changes. Before your breast milk begins to produce, you will produce colostrum to feed your baby. Your baby will require a lot of feedings, and you won’t get much rest. What to expect is explained on this page. You’ll bleed from your vagina for around a week following delivery. The blood is known as “lochia.” It is thick, vivid crimson, and may contain clots. This is normal, however inform your midwife if you pass a clot larger than a 50 cent piece or smell something off. For four to six weeks, you should anticipate to see Lochia. It will eventually turn lighter, reddish-brown or pink. Some women experience pain for a few days following delivery. Labor pains or mild to severe period pain can be similar to the after-birth aches. Your uterus is experiencing pain as it shrinks back to its pre-pregnancy size. Compared to women who have just given birth, those who have previously had children are more likely to experience them. While breastfeeding, you could have postpartum discomfort. Your body creates hormones that cause your uterus to contract as your baby grows. Your back or tummy may benefit from a heated pack. You can also request pain treatment from your doctor or midwife.

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