Besides God it is my husband love that gave me strength

Those of us who are married or in committed relationships are in it for the long run (I hope), and we frequently struggle with figuring out how to get through the most hard times. Hearing your partner express the two words “I’m unhappy,” which are frequently associated with divorce, is never a pleasant experience. Many women make the automatic assumption that they are to blame for their partners’ unhappiness with life and that it is their duty as good spouses to resolve the issue. Of course, once we step back from the situation and take an objective look at it, it’s much simpler to realize that, over the course of a long marriage, there will inevitably be times when one partner is dissatisfied with some aspect of life, such as their job, financial situation, weight, sexual prowess, etc. When we witness someone we care about in distress, it’s natural to want to help. However, according to relationship experts, one of the finest things we can do is to refrain from trying to save our spouse. According to Rebecca Wong, relationship therapist and CEO of Connectfulness, “It’s normal that we all experience icky moments in life.” The challenge in a relationship is realizing how to support one another’s growth during these times. We have chances to examine ourselves through our relationships. The best thing you can do while your partner is going through a particularly unpleasant phase is to listen and think. Put your own defensiveness aside and listen for his needs without attempting to fix him. Act as his escape from the ick rather than adding to it.

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