“Besinitu” new comedy drama chapter 1 episode 7

The last few decades have seen a significant increase in the difficulty of life. Even worse, the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic is negative. Having a good sense of humor can be a lifesaver during such trying times. A strong sense of humor is like a rainbow that brings color to the dark skies. Not everyone has the potential to have a great sense of humor. It is a distinctive good. A few weeks ago, on a Sunday, I was contacted by a good friend who had had a very difficult week. She sobbed, “Rough week, I need to cheer up before I lose my mind.” She began to laugh uncontrollably as a result of the light banter, amusing anecdotes, and general tomfoolery that came next. We both felt happier than ever at the end of it. Most likely, each of us has at least one person in our life who, no matter what, can make us smile widely. Since humor is a highly desired quality, it’s almost as if we’re wired to seek it out. Within the first year of life, a youngster can already understand humor. To cause a roomful of people to burst out laughing, one must possess a rare talent.

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