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Although there isn’t any concrete evidence to back up the claim that smiling uses more muscles than frowning, we do know that smiling has certain tangible advantages. It’s not always the most straightforward thing to do, especially after a demanding day. However, you’ll actually feel better if you can force a smile on yourself. Your brain releases tiny molecules known as neuropeptides when you smile to assist you combat stress. The role of additional neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins is thus also impacted. While serotonin is an antidepressant, endorphins work as a minor pain relief. According to one study, smiling can even lower our heart rates and speed up our recovery from stress. In fact, it could be worthwhile to put on a phony smile and see how far that takes you. There is some evidence to suggest that faking a grin can still improve your mood and level of happiness. To identify the best course of treatment for your condition, consult your doctor right away if you’re experiencing sadness or anxiety. As it turns out, smiling has advantages that extend beyond yourself and have an impact on those around you as well. Our brains are rewarded when we smile, as we’ve already discussed, but we’re also rewarded when we watch someone else grin! We feel a little better because our brain’s reward region is working more effectively.

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