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bethelhem kefyalew wife of solomon muhe had a baby shower

While pregnant, most of us would admit to having panicky, late-night thoughts in which we second-guessed our decision to become parents or worried if we’d still be the same person after having a child. Those of us who expected to return to work after having a kid may have been concerned about our capacity to maintain our commitment to our jobs.
When Bethlehem announced her pregnancy, a fan voiced fear that her work would suffer as a result of her new role as a mother. She was concerned that the artist wouldn’t be able to equal the prior work of the artist. She reasoned, “When you have this baby, either he/she/it will suffer, or your job will suffer.” In an open letter published on Medium, Palmer expressed her own anxieties about “losing her identity as an artist” when she becomes a mother. “Would I become a dull, unimportant, ignorable artist if I had kids?” she wondered, fearful of becoming a dull, insignificant, and ignorable artist if she had kids. Would I suddenly start writing songs about balance…? Would I turn into that irritating parent who is so captivated with their child that it’s impossible to have an intelligent conversation about art with them because they’d rather show you iPhone photos of their toddler drooling mashed carrots?” Small presents are brought by guests for the expectant mother. Diapers, blankets, baby bottles, clothing, and toys are all common baby gifts. It is customary to open gifts during the party; in some cases, the host will turn it into a game. The baby shower is a family’s first chance to get people together to help with their child’s upbringing. The new parents may want to enlist the support of others to help them raise their child and educate him or her over time. People who care about the family want to be engaged in the child’s life, and a baby shower provides an opportunity for them to do so by giving gifts and offering assistance, demonstrating their affection for the family. If it occurs prior to the birth, the new family will have the opportunity to thank everyone before the stress of a new baby and lack of sleep sets in.

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