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Bethlehem Tilahun opened her own bank

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The dubious age of our female craftsmen. As per the Billionaires Africa report, Bethlehem Tilahun opened her own bank. Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu (brought into the world in 1980), is an Ethiopian finance manager, originator, and chief overseer of soleRebels, Africa’s “quickest developing footwear organization”. Alemu has gotten respects and awards for her business sharpness, just as her endeavors to move the talk on Africa away from neediness to the landmass’ enterprising soul, social capital, and financial potential.

Alemu dispatched “The Republic of Leather”, planning economical extravagance cowhide products, and “Nursery of Coffee” retail outlets to advance Ethiopian espressos. Alemu was brought into the world in the Zenebework space of Addis Ababa. Her folks worked at a nearby medical clinic. Alemu went to public essential and optional schools, and afterward proceeded to contemplate bookkeeping at Unity University, graduating in 2004.

SoleRebels has prospered, developing to 300 representatives in Ethiopia, with conveyance to thirty nations around the world, offering to showcase kingmakers Whole Foods, Urban Outfitters, and Amazon. Diversified and organization claimed stores were intended to open in Austria, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the UK. Alemu needed to make generously compensated positions which could make success utilizing the craftsman abilities and regular assets of Ethiopia. The determination of footwear as the dispatch item for the organization came later. Alemu was enlivened by the seleate or barabasso, the conventional reused tire underside shoe made in Ethiopia, and footwear turned into the locus around which she decided to fabricate the organization.

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