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Bezawit and Melat on Adwa celebration

You probably don’t feel any better knowing that up to 20% of pregnancies result in miscarriage when you lose a kid before carrying it to term. You had an emotional attachment to the kid and the aspirations and plans you’d made, whether you miscarried early or late in the pregnancy. If you’ve previously had more than one loss, you may be losing hope. When you’re ready, they can also help you plan for your next pregnancy and take actions to improve your chances of success, regardless of how many losses you’ve had previously. The majority of women who have miscarriages don’t talk about it. Their relatives, friends, and sometimes even partners don’t comprehend how deeply they are grieving. This perception of solitude has long-term consequences for mental health and well-being. In one study, nearly three years after the delivery of a healthy child, 20% of women who had had two miscarriages still experienced depression symptoms. First Lady Michelle Obama and celebrities such as Carrie Underwood and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter have lately revealed their miscarriage stories to help eliminate the stigma that women face when they lose a child. Each loss shattered their hearts, just as it did yours. Dr. Moayeri or Dr. Sachdev can recommend you to a grief counselor if you miscarried and are still mourning. A grief counselor can help you discover new strategies to cope with your loss and move ahead. Joining a miscarriage support group in your area or even online could help you feel better.

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