Bezawit Mesfin is about to get married


The kissing of the knee ceremony takes place after the photo shoot in the park. At the main hall, where the wedding is held, all guests await the vehicular procession. The great grandparents and grandparents, clothed in traditional attire, are seated and waiting at the hall’s entrance. The groom and bride express their gratitude by bowing low and kissing their feet, after which they are blessed with prosperity and good health. If the parents like, they may participate in the ceremony as well. After that, the groom and bride proceed to the hall or location.

A wedding is nearly usually a massive event, but Ethiopian weddings take on a whole new level of significance.
A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that should be remembered for the rest of one’s life, thus it should run as smoothly as possible.
Ethiopian wedding ritual and culture are among the richest on the African continent, and they have mostly remained untouched over time.
As a result, the Ethiopian wedding ceremony is a sight to behold.
Due to Ethiopia’s diverse wedding traditions, Ethiopian weddings are a colourful occasion. Even while some couples choose for modern weddings, the majority of Ethiopian wedding ceremonies still include traditional practices.

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