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Bezawork Asfaw speaks about her current condition

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Meeting with the unbelievable Ethiopian craftsman and now a gospel artist Bezawork Asfaw on Tadias Addis with have Seifu Fantahun. Tizita is a music classification in Ethiopia and Eritrea comprising of the ditty structure. It can allude to the qenet, melodic mode, utilized in such tunes. Western sources regularly contrast tizita with the blues. Other melodic reciprocals are the Portuguese Saudade, Assouf for the Tuareg public, or Dor in Romania. In Slovakia, the nearest word is clivota or cnenie, Sehnsucht in German, (phonetically karōt) in Armenian. Azmaris previously presented tizita. Present day Ethiopian specialists who have performed tizita tunes incorporate Aster Aweke, Hailu Mergia, Bezawork Asfaw, Teddy Afro, Mulatu Astatke, Meklit Hadero, Seyfu Yohannes, and Mahmoud Ahmed.

Be that as it may, with no pay source, every one of these essayists and fashioners are chipping away at these distributions free of charge. Teka clarifies that it is difficult to oversee everyday positions and distribute Atirera however is certain they’ll proceed. “It very well may be intense yet since we likewise prefer to peruse and we need individuals to appreciate what those trendy creatives are composing, we oversee. For the present, the center is supporting and urging new imaginative authors to compose.”

Every one of these distributions have considered print sooner or later yet are not sure when the perfect chance to attempt could be. “We do have plans to adapt and make this our regular positions,” says Besufekade, “we don’t know how but rather we will discover a way.” It’s a major bet however the unwavering quality of advanced distributing is obvious right now and it’s simply liable to develop.

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