Birhanu Tezera on EBS tea time

You might feel uneasy with regular people if you’re a well-known author, social media personality, politician, celebrity, or social worker. It is common knowledge that fame entails a sizable amount of duties and difficulties. You must exercise extreme caution at this point, and you should be familiar with handling fame. If you are a thought leader with a large following, for instance, you must handle the responsibility carefully. You must be aware of the clear separation between your private and public lives. It might be difficult for some people to deal with fame. You must first understand who you are and your emotional and mental capabilities. As they must advise people on what to do in a particular circumstance, thought leaders must be very careful. They ought to be an inspiring leader. Understanding who you are is an important first step. Knowing your capabilities allows you to assist others. Additionally, being aware of your position and inner self will help you handle celebrity positively. The hardest part of dealing with fame is facing criticism. It implies that there will always be others who will disagree with you. Now, that judgment will be based on their circumstances and experience; it in no way represents your genuine self. There is only one way to cope with such people, and that is to accept that others will have different opinions of you, your work, or your character. Instead of reacting to criticism, the objective should be to laugh it off.

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