Birthday celebration of artist Genet Nigatu

Paula, my sister, turns 21 today. Her birthday was a few years back, and I later made a piece about how to celebrate your birthday. In order to wish my little sister a happy birthday and give us all something to ponder, I reprise and update them today. Today was my sister Paula’s birthday. She might not want everyone to know the number, therefore I won’t say what it is. Spend some time on yourself today. Do something you enjoy for at least 15 minutes as a celebration of the wonderful person (and sister) you are. Prior to her children going to bed and before she could even think about those fifteen minutes, she replied, and while I was reading her response, I realized that her narrative is the tale of all of our lives. We all need to take those 15 minutes, even if we don’t have it. Anything that enables us to learn, replenish, refresh, or reflect may be that, including meditation, reading, or a pastime. Let me make the same recommendation I made to my sister on a special day to all of us. You will become a better parent, team member, and leader after those fifteen minutes. They’ll improve you as a person.

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