Birthday celebration of athlet Tirunesh Dibaba’s daughter

Allowing your child to be the center of attention is healthy. Birthday parties give children the opportunity to express themselves because they are still learning how to do so at this stage of development. They learn to explore, manage, and respond to emotions through playing with their peers and interacting with their family. According to research, failing to recognize significant anniversaries can be harmful to one’s wellbeing. While acknowledging achievements increases children’s self esteem, doing so results in lower self-worth and depressive symptoms. Although it won’t be quite like what most kids are used to or expecting, this pandemic can give kids the chance to create special and lasting birthday memories. According to research, celebrating an occasion allows you to “savour” the experience and thereby “cement” it in your memory. Making happy memories is associated with greater life satisfaction and self-worth. You can still throw an enjoyable birthday party for your kids despite social isolation. abilities and They even offer a variety of themed virtual parties, including silent disco and science parties as well as virtual character parties! Children will be disappointed that their anticipated big party cannot take place due to a change in plans for their birthday. In addition to any sadness they may be feeling from missing out on seeing friends and family, this is an additional source of stress for them. Because of this, it’s crucial to make their day as memorable as you can. Even a small party to mark your child’s achievement will bring a lot of happiness to a difficult time for them. It will teach them that it’s acceptable to experience some joy during a time that has been marked by devastation for so many people and give them—and their friends—something to look forward to when feelings of excitement have been scarce this year.

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