Birthday celebration of Danawit Mekibib

Who doesn’t enjoy a birthday celebration for their best friend? Along with getting to eat cake, you get to show your special someone a ton of love and affection. Win-win. Of course, posting an Instagram tribute where you both look good and coming up with the ideal caption to commemorate their special day is part of your civic duty as the best friend. If you’re at a loss for words, we’ve collected some memorable best friend birthday quotes and caption suggestions to get you going. These all also function as birthday wishes to write in their card if you don’t really like posting on social media. Your best friend will love these birthday wishes, which range from amusing ones about growing old together to sentimental ones that express how much they mean to you. Of course, you’ll want to buy your best friend a gift as well to help them celebrate their special day. Even if you are unable to be present in person to celebrate their special day, we have a ton of gift suggestions that will make them happy-cry or say “ILY.” For the best birthday messages to send to your best friend this year, whether you put them in an Instagram caption, a text, or a card, continue scrolling. Why do we struggle to express our love for our best friends on their birthdays when we tell them all the time? Perhaps the stress of the special day or the act of putting our feelings in writing is to blame. Or, you might be so preoccupied with organizing their 50th birthday celebration or thinking of a fantastic gift that you require a little assistance when it comes to writing a birthday message. Whatever the problem, if you’re stuck, we have some succinct birthday wishes for friends to help relieve your stress.

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