Birthday celebration of honorary Dr. Debebe Eshetu

How can we continue to commemorate a loved one’s birthday even when they are not present? Will we remember them privately? enlist the participation of others in their remembrance? It may be challenging to move past the defeat as the day draws closer. There is no incorrect way to honour a departed loved one. There are other ways to honour their memory, nevertheless. Even though grieving might feel especially difficult as the deceased’s birthday approaches, taking a moment to consider how our loved ones would want us to remember them can be helpful. Birthdays frequently involve a party with food, presents, and friends. It can take some time to figure out how to honour them when a loved one has passed away. Take a walk in the park, make a meal in their honour, watch a movie, or provide a helping hand. Rediscover one of their favourites while personalising it. Contributing to a cause helps ease the burden of mourning families. Did they have a particular cause they were passionate about? a cause they enthusiastically backed? Their legacy and dedication to a particular cause might be carried on through a memorial gift donation. Going a long way might sometimes make you feel closer.

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