Birthday celebration of journalist Beshatu Tolemariam

It has long been customary to celebrate birthdays with cakes, presents, and parties. Everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday, whether they are children or adults. There is no better day than your birthday. Your birthday is proof that you were placed here on earth with a specific mission. A birthday represents the joy of life and your beginning. Every person on earth has the opportunity to complete their own special mission. A birthday is a significant event that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is a season for joy, introspection, and gratitude. On the day of your birth, you should give thanks for your life and reflect on how fortunate you are to still be alive as you remember and celebrate a significant moment in your life. They’re a time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, overcame, and enjoyed since the previous milestone, not to lament getting older. They’re a time to celebrate your life thus far and look forward to the future. A birthday boy or girl feels extraordinary on that very special day because they are the center of attention. When you are surrounded by everyone you love, you can remember how much everyone loves you. You get to look and feel your best for one day, which makes you feel almost famous. Everyone is there to celebrate the important date in their lives because of them, which is a great way to boost one’s self-esteem. Kids should have an amazing birthday party with lots of friends and presents because it is a unique confirmation of their personality.

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