Birthday celebration of model Lidiana Solomon

I believe that inner beauty is what defines you as beautiful; you are beauty. You are a masterpiece and an artistic creation. You are unique because of your genetic makeup and life experiences. There also won’t be another. I believe the key is to learn to value oneself just as you would any other work of art or piece of nature. When you see a flower or a sunset, you usually don’t critique them; rather, you just accept and enjoy them for what they are. So perhaps it’s time to construct a fourth mirror, a fresh one devoid of comparisons, accusations, judgments, and expectations. Examine yourself thoroughly, accept yourself as you are, and appreciate your beauty. Prior to her children going to bed and before she could even think about those fifteen minutes, she replied, and as I was reading her response, I realized that her story is the story of all of our lives. We all need to take that 15 minutes, even if we don’t have it. Anything that enables us to learn, renew, refresh, or reflect may be that, including meditation, reading, or a hobby.
Let me make the same recommendation I made to my sister for a special day to all of us. You will become a better parent, team member, and leader after those fifteen minutes. They’ll improve you as a person. Your birthday might be your favorite day of the year if you don’t really celebrate it, as some people I know don’t.

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