Birthday celebration of singer Kaleab Kinfe “Kal kin”

Your birthday is something you dread. You say to yourself, “I’d rather people forget. “All I want is for the day to come and go without any great fanfare.” You don’t want the attention that comes with having a birthday. Each of us cherished our birthdays as kids. Perhaps the gifts were to blame. Or sprinkle-topped chocolate cake. Or the gathering to which we got to invite every one of our friends. Perhaps it was because we were the center of attention on that particular day, and we enjoyed the special treatment it brought us. Growing older was exciting in some ways. a greater height. in order to move more quickly. to increase one’s intelligence. to aspire to our parents’ or role models’ ideals. in order to get closer to being adults with the freedom to do whatever they pleased. We are now adults. Moreover, life doesn’t seem all that appealing. We lost that enthusiasm for life somewhere, somehow. Undoubtedly, you may be dissatisfied with your life. It’s not what you expected, unfortunately. It’s possible that you wished your career was further along than it is. Maybe you hoped you were married with kids, or at least in a long-term relationship that was heading someplace. Maybe you are embarrassed that you are still living with your parents at this age. Perhaps you believed that you would have finished your education by now. Maybe you wished you had more intriguing life experiences done more travelling, met more interesting people or discovered more engaging interests. Your friends may appear to be “further ahead” in life than you when you look around. Birthdays serve as a timely reminder. We are not growing older. Our life is passing us by.

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