Birthday celebration of the daughter of the shortest mom in the world

When it comes to arranging plans with women they genuinely want to see, excellent guys will take the initiative. It’s generally safe to assume that you’re more than just a casual “fling” for him if he makes the effort to organize dates and make them memorable, exciting, and unique. Does he appear willing to give you a little more of his time and attention than is usually necessary when you go on dates? Does he seem more interested in spending a little more time getting to know you, having fun, and participating in enjoyable activities with you than in aiming for the hookup and being goal-oriented about your time together? Men that are highly valued will typically reserve their casual dates for special occasions. These ladies won’t be allowed to join their social circles at the more exclusive tiers. Since he is aware that you won’t be there for very long, he won’t introduce you to his friends, family, business partners, coworkers, or the rest of his inner circle. Therefore, chances are excellent he views you as someone he’s likely to stick around if he begins introducing you to people he’s known for longer than he’s known you. If a man introduces you to his friends and family, it’s a good indication that he thinks highly of you and plans to keep you in his social circle.

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