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Black Scar of TPLF

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Goodness! Look at that! Without a doubt, even William Shakespeare didn’t give himself high regard himself. Other people who read and enjoyed his work and gave him. Useful writer, eh? My understanding of a useful creator is one who produces useful, even, impartial, self-evident, and astonishing pieces to scrutinize. Do we get that from Osife Ghebrehiwet? In reality actually no, not really.

Yosef Ghebrehiwet is focused on Ethiopia’s annihilation. He can’t clear enough on his own profound yearning to see Ethiopia miss the mark however then, at that point he is everything except an Ethiopian as demonstrated from his own record above in reference. Taking everything into account, the mistake of Ethiopia brings him fundamentally more enjoyment than the achievement of Eritrea. What’s happening with this man?

The creator sets up himself as a goal individual, from which he dispatches his attack on Ethiopia Then instantly goes into his unending unconfirmed charges of Ethiopia. Taking everything into account, Ethiopia is basically “wrong”. As of now he has exited with his President, Isaias Afeworki, and he moans about him also.

The creator, Yousief Ghebrehiwet, doesn’t want to indicate at all the 27-year Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF) furious association of Ethiopia, where such innumerable people were killed in detainment, mutilated, women attacked in prison, even men sodomized, unheard before all through the whole presence of the country. Attack has all the earmarks of being the public round of the TPLF.

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