Blen Mamo received a song from her fan

Don’t get me wrong; you should do this for all employees, not just your top performers. However, there is a subtlety here for top talent. The majority of your top performers prefer autonomy and direction over management. Since they are self-motivated, your job is to give them direction and guidance before letting them go. Give them a due date or milestones, and if you are really pushing them, provide any help they might require. I recently set a goal for all of my esteemed engineers to produce white papers every other year. Since prose writing is not their strongest genre, at first they found this challenging. Since the engineers had the content and the technical writers could help with the writing, we offered our services. This helped them to enjoy and complete the task. Final point: Receiving praise for outstanding work in front of peers is a genuine motivator for top talent, even though many of these people won’t come right out and ask for it. Top talent is aware of their position in relation to their peers and should be, and being recognized is an acknowledgement of that position. If used properly, peer recognition can also fuel a team’s competitiveness, which is a great side benefit. These ideas are wonderful because they are all essentially free. All these motivators require is for them to become part of the organizational culture. Where do I begin? begin with the immediate manager. They are the key to understanding employee motivation and which of the aforementioned strategies will have the biggest impact and aid the company in achieving its goals.

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