Blood type and diet science

Blood type diet refers to the idea that your body’s reaction to food is related to your blood type. He advised you to eat foods that were popular when your particular blood type evolved as a result. Your general health would improve and your risk of developing chronic diseases would go down if you ate this way. What does it imply when we state that something happened “during the time your particular blood type evolved”? We don’t know why we have different blood types, but according to widely accepted ideas, they evolved over time. Your red blood cells’ antigens determine what type of blood you have. There are four main blood types: The A antigen is present in type A. B antigen is present in type B. A and B are present in Type AB. Depending on when he thought that blood type was discovered, each blood type requires a different diet. According to his theory, the foods that were most prevalent in the human diet at that period are the ones that you should eat today. The optimum foods for each blood type were detailed in the blood type diet. For instance, it was advised that those with blood type A consume a lot of black beans while avoiding kidney beans. The oldest blood type dates to the Cro-Magnons in the area of 40,000 B.C. It is called “O” blood. This happened back when people hunted and farmed. People with blood type O would therefore adhere to a low-carb, high-protein diet.

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