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Breaking news about TPLF generals

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This loser paid off individuals that look regarded and reputational from the outside, yet ripped off and hoodwinked their robes, ecclesiastical, took, cassock, zucchetto, pallium, and shields and uncovered to the world their actual internal parts.

Nature and distinguish for cash, they obtusely charged the Amhara public and Amhara particular power as its perpetrated abominations and slaughters in Tigray which is completely false, the fact of the matter is the converse and expressed previously.

We Ethiopians don’t have a set of experiences and culture of submitting harvesting, executing, tormenting pastorates, ministers, clerics, etc, yet these terrible liars have attempted to intensify on the Ethiopian individual’s such characters which are whimsical and the demonstration of evilness according to God.

The children of your constituents are shouting out for food and the elderlies choked at elderly folks individuals’ homes because of inadequate assets. We are encouraging you to zero in on such supplications of the British public.

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