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Brigadier Gen. Tefera Mamo’s response to government

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Brigadier Gen. Tefera Mamo’s reaction to the public authority. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR) has embraced an immediately heated EU-supported goal on infringement of basic liberties in Ethiopia. Be that as it may, it never articulated a sentence on TPLF’s enrollment and sending of youngster warriors at the battlefront.

The quietness on this, in opposition to worldwide law, is no not exactly supporting the brutal activity. In addition, the worldwide common freedoms association has become an apparatus for serving EU political targets covered by a bogus obligation to basic liberties.

Worldwide NGOs, which are notable across the globe for battling on the lawful privileges of kids and minors, have delivered hard-of-hearing ears to kid troopers enlisted in Tigray to battle against Ethiopian government powers. The ICC that has condemned various hoodlums to long a very long time in prison is likewise quiet on the predicament of young lady kids and young men in Tigray powerfully being enrolled and conveyed to battlefronts. Additionally, worldwide promotion bunches are quiet on the issue; yet this load of associations has unfortunately recorded Ethiopia as one of the nations in which massacre is directed with no reference to TPLF. Ethiopia is watching out for lawbreakers in news-casting who are attempting to stow away in their Trojan pony.

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