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Butter, Ethiopian women secret for long hair

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How I use our traditional Ethiopian women’s butter for long hair growth. Rubbing butter in your hair is an Ethiopian tradition that protects hair from the sun and enriches the hair with moisture. Although it may sound strange, it is an incredibly hydrating treatment that makes hair feel so much softer and look more defined.

Contrary to popular belief, you are not supposed to cook the butter before putting it on your hair. In Ethiopia, the butter that comes straight out of the cow is what they put on their hair. Nothing else. Since a lot of people don’t have access to fresh cows, the next best option is to buy organic high-quality butter like Lurpak.

All you need to do is detangle your hair first, place the butter in a container and slap it all over your hair. And I do mean ALL over. Don’t be shy. Make sure your hair has a healthy amount of butter worked into it.  Put on a shower cap, wait for about 30 minutes to an hour and wash it out. Easy!

Let me tell you, my curls felt soft and looked ridiculously well defined! I’m going to start doing this method every week because my hair is uber dry! If you don’t have super dry hair, I would stick to doing this method once a month or every two weeks. My hair had no flakes and it made my hair easier to manage and detangle.

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