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One of the telltale indicators that you and your partner are secretly in love, even if you haven’t admitted it yet, is when you become completely absorbed in a meaningful conversation and the outside world seems to vanish. The fact that you can have more in-depth discussions demonstrates that you two have a shared understanding. These kinds of private conversations are harder for us to have with others who don’t “understand us.” It’s a sign of a solid bond when you get lost in a discourse about life, love, or the universe. Even though jealousy is a really unpleasant emotion, it can nonetheless make us feel good to see a small bit of it in someone we adore. because it demonstrates that they are concerned. We won’t harbor resentment toward someone we aren’t very interested in. They also don’t want you to be with anyone else. It is fundamentally an extreme form of protectiveness. When we fear losing something precious, we automatically react in this way. It is proof that they value you when you see the small green-eyed creature make discreet appearances. We use it to demonstrate our desire to increase closeness and intimacy in a relationship. Small, seemingly small gestures are another method to test the waters. If they casually touch your arm or shoulder, for instance, they might be testing your reaction to see if you’ll reciprocate their flirtatious behavior. The act of being really touchy with you is ultimately a symbol of love.

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