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The funeral has concluded, and you have accepted responsibility for carrying out the deceased’s desires by returning their ashes to their home. And, in certain cases, the need to travel with a loved one’s cremated ashes adds to the anguish. The Transportation Security Administration allows passengers to travel with cremated remains in both carry-on and checked luggage. TSA officials will be unable to scan the urn to discover what is within if the container is composed of a material that gives an opaque x-ray picture. Wood, plastic, clear glass, cloth, and fiberboard are all scannable materials. The majority of metals, pottery, and stone urns are prohibited. Permitted only as a carry-on with proper paperwork. “If you’re traveling with cremated human remains, you must transfer them as carry-on luggage.” It’s highly suggested that you travel within the United States with suitable documents (such as a funeral home document or a death certificate) to provide during TSA screening.” “Funeral home documentation is insufficient to pass a crematory container through security and onto a plane without being screened.” The crematory container must pass the checked baggage screening process in order to be carried as checked luggage.”

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