Cause, symptoms and stage of breast cancer

Breast cancer develops when cells in your breast multiply and expand out of control, resulting in a mass of tissue known as a tumour. Breast cancer symptoms can include feeling a lump, noticing a change in breast size, or noticing changes to the skin around your breasts. Early detection may be aided by mammograms. Your breast tissue is the starting point of breast cancer. A mass of tissue (tumour) is produced when breast cells mutation (alter) and expand out of control. Breast cancer can spread to the tissue surrounding your breast, just as other types of cancer. Additionally, it might spread to other areas of your body and develop new tumours. Metastasis is the medical term for this. Everybody’s breast cancer symptoms are unique. Breast cancer warning signals include: a change in your breast’s size, shape, or contour. a lump or bulk that might feel pea-sized. a lump or thickening that lasts the whole of your menstrual cycle in or around your breast or underarm. a change in how your breast or nipple’s skin feels or looks (dimpled, puckered, scaly, or inflammatory). skin that is red on your breasts or nipples. a region on either breast that stands out as being very different from the others. a firm region under your skin that resembles marble. a clear or blood-colored discharge from your nipple. When abnormal cells in your breast proliferate and grow, breast cancer develops.

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