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Chief Bilelign speaks about his new music and country

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Sunday on EBS engaging meeting with Ethiopian protection power boss Bilelign. We began the mission as people (me, Seble, and Haimi), all naturalists both in calling and energy, and later joined by similar companions, ecological gatherings, and associations,” clarifies Meron. “We noticed the hindering impacts of plastic contamination on the climate and began envisioning what it resembled before plastic sacks were presented. What’s more, the principal name that popped was Zembil. Everybody used to do shopping for food with zembil (woven packs), which is excellent and eco-accommodating. What’s more, that is the reason we named the mission “Ye Zembil Melse”, bringing Zembil back.”

Ye Zembil Melse is a collective foundation of three associations – Global Shapers Addis Ababa Hub, Green Ethiopia, and Lem Ketema. The main mission included a request requesting a prohibition on single-utilize plastic sacks in Ethiopia to rather utilize conventional options like zembils and material packs. “We continue in the strides of natural pioneers, for example, SOS Addis who have been lobbying for a total restriction on plastic sacks for longer than 10 years, and we support the proposition of the Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission to boycott all single-utilize plastic packs in Ethiopia,” they write in the appeal to boycott single-utilize plastic on change.org. One of the cunning thoughts in their mission to end this pattern of waste was to include nearby big names, and people of note like Zeritu Kebede, Betty G, Melaku Belay, Kenny Allen, Eleni G/Medhin, Kuku Sebsebe, and numerous others.

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