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Being kind to oneself is not simply a good concept; it is also a necessary component of self-care and the basis for ongoing kindness to others. Do you recall the airplane safety briefings where it was emphasized that you should put on your own oxygen mask before aiding others? Well, being kind to yourself is somewhat similar to that. When I’m dealing with somebody, it often becomes clear very quickly that they’ve forgotten to take care of themselves because they’re so committed to looking after everyone and everything around them. They are working so hard to take care of others while going through life, not realizing that they also need to put their own oxygen mask on. They eventually lose it and wind up seated in front of me.
Building self-awareness and listening to your inner voice with curiosity are the first steps in being nice to oneself. What are you telling yourself, and how frequently do you criticize or berate yourself? How often do you compliment yourself and acknowledge all the things you excel at? Recognize all of your positive traits consciously.
Be kind to yourself and take care of yourself. Give yourself time, take a brief break from technology, and go outside to enjoy nature. While so many people readily give of themselves to others, it may be very challenging to do the same for oneself. Comparisons can be harmful. We continually see on television, in advertisements, and on social media how we are not yet living the ideal life and how we fall short of other people. Avoid making comparisons because doing so can lead to a lot of negative self-talk and criticism. In fact, it is the very reverse of kindness.

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