Christening ceremony of artist Mekdes’s twin

Without being able to enter a character’s head, you cannot accurately portray them. Your actions and blocking aren’t always predetermined, even though your words are written in advance. Additionally, if someone forgets their lines, knowing your character well will help you improvise. Getting into character and doing your best to portray them is the process of acting preparation. When an actor practises method acting, they don’t alter their character while filming. They remain in character between takes, making an effort to thoroughly embody the part so that they can play it perfectly on camera at all times. As an actor, it is not your responsibility to change the script so that you are “more likeable,” nor is it your responsibility to criticise the writing or the character and play a different version of yourself in its place. It is your responsibility to represent a character who could convincingly exist in the universe of the play, film, or television programme. You must collaborate with a bigger, more reliable team, just like the writer, director, camera operator, etc., to produce a spectacular show. Because acting is all that it is, don’t feel bad about what your character is doing. Holding back on a repulsive, violent, sexual, or emotionally taxing moment simply serves to alienate the viewer and make you appear “unrealistic.”

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