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Cities in the world that no one lives in

These contemporary towns were constructed to support increasing populations until disaster or poor judgment left them outdated. They were born from lofty intentions but are now hauntingly lifeless icons. Discover the desolate communities that went out of style and are still completely uninhabited, from hundreds of abandoned chateaux to UFO-shaped vacation cottages that failed to find purchasers. For those who made the decision to purchase houses at the projected Indian Ridge Resort Community, what was initially intended to be a magnificent, multibillion-dollar development quickly turned into a nightmare. This frightening location, often referred to as the McMansion Ghost Town, is evidence that you can’t actually purchase everything with money. In 2006, plans for the opulent neighborhood in Branson West, Missouri, were unveiled. The project’s estimated completion cost was $1.6 billion (£1.2 billion). Interested investors were assured that the cutting-edge Ozarks estate would have everything a millionaire could want, including a retail center, a five-star hotel, and hundreds of modern, castle-like homes. The community would never materialize, which was unfortunate for individuals who made investments in the idea. When the financial crisis struck, bank loans went into default and construction stopped immediately. In spite of 15 years, the 900-acre complex has only been completed with 13 residences. The abandoned mansions are anything but opulent after being left to rot. Even the couple who own the YouTube channel Our 80s Life traveled to the location to film an intriguing video on how the sinister neighborhood is today.

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