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Colonel Demeke delivered a message from Wolkait


During her discussion with Ethiopian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Nebil Mahdi, Beatrice Wani said South Sudan is focused on improving its authentic relations with Ethiopia. “South Sudan wouldn’t permit anything terrible to happen to Ethiopia,” she underlined. The clergyman additionally underlined the positive effect of the GERD in producing energy and noticed that genial arrangements are expected to settle the impasse in the dealings.

Representative Nebil complimented the pastor for the foundation of the Reconstituted National Assembly and the Council of States and highlighted this would immensely add to the expedient and full execution of the nonaggression treaty. The representative additionally advised the priest about the improvements in Ethiopia.

Despite the Government’s honest goal for the prosperity of individuals of Tigray, TPLF has neglected to respond to the truce and kept on dispatching new assaults on various fronts, the envoy said. He said the Ethiopian National Defense Forces have all the limits and good power to kill the antagonistic component.

Representative Nebil has additionally educated her about the subsequent filing regarding the Dam and repeated that the general reason for the dam is producing power. Unfamiliar Minister of South Sudan, Beatrice Wani reaffirmed the responsibility of her country to the prosperity of Ethiopia.