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Colonel Demeke versus the TPLF army for 2 days

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The battle between Colonel Demeke and the TPLF armed force for 2 days! The main figure of the opposition development in the Amhara area, Colonel Demeke Zewdu has left jail in Gondar today. Occupants of the city of Gondar and other significant towns have started a three-day strike today to request the arrival of all political detainees including the Colonel who was brought to prison after a shootout at his home with agents of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in July 2016.

The strikes that shut down organizations, transportations, and schools additionally came in insubordination of a six-month highly sensitive situation pronounced last Friday.

Outfitted agents of the TPLF went to the home of the Colonel to capture him and started shooting. The Colonel returned discharge killing no less than two and a sum of 11 TPLF agents were killed in the following weapon fight among them and a few occupants of Gondar who acted the hero of the Colonel. His case was a bone of dispute between the provincial government and security on one hand and the TPLF on the other which needed to attempt the Colonel in a Federal court. The provincial government would not give up the Colonel as occupants request, in a district-wide dissent, particularly in Gondar, for the Colonel not to be moved to TPLF.

Colonel Demeke Zewdu drove a development by individuals of Wolkait, Tegede, and Telemt in Gondar, who are requesting to recover their territory that was unlawfully consolidated into the Tigray area when the Tigrayan-drove system took power 25 years prior. A huge agronomically prolific area in North Gondar was powerfully joined into the Tigray locale and individuals were told by the people pulling the strings that they were Tigrayans, not Amharas. It’s anything but development by individuals in Gondar in a bid to re-establish their personality and recover their territory.


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