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Colonel Getenet speaks about General Migebe

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Preparation the media today, ENDF Public Relations Director Colonel Getnet Adane reviewed that there were security worries inside and outside the country that pointed toward disturbing the sixth General Election. Consequently, individuals from the protection powers occupied with the law requirement activity in the Tigray locale were redeployed to different pieces of the country, he clarified.

Appropriately, they had been sent to focal, eastern, western, and southern pieces of the country. Besides, the military moved to different regions with the goal that ranchers in Tigray can cultivate their territories undisturbed. The leftover power in Tigray has been occupied with ensuring foundation and undertaking different obligations, Colonel Getnet expounded.

Taking advantage of this lucky break, the fear monger bunch has been celebrating alongside the gathering’s volunteer armies who were secluded from everything by imagining they have acquired the triumph, he clarified. Likewise, the fear based oppressor bunch has been spreading publicity asserting that it controlled the regions which the safeguard power abandoned for arrangement to different regions, the chief added. The point of the deception crusade is to redirect the tranquil finish of the political race, as per Colonel Getnet. The fear monger bunch has been sending sedated youngster warriors utilizing hashish and compelled to take on in conflicts, he uncovered.

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