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Colonel Getnet Adane’s response about TPLF

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Following the visit of individuals from the Association of Military Attaches of different nations to the Ethiopian International Peace Keeping Training Center today, guard appends of various nations said Ethiopian people have assumed a significant part in propelling harmony on the planet’s problem areas from the beginning of UN peacekeeping up to the present most essential tasks.

In a select meeting with ENA, Zambia Defense Attaché Brigadier General Musonda Nthenga said Ethiopia has been forfeiting numerous lives to guarantee harmony in Africa and the world. “I might want to say that it has done well overall, amazingly well. Taking a gander at the time from 1951 to date, a ton has been finished. Loads of lives find been lost for harmony in Africa and the world,” he noted.

He further called attention to that Ethiopians have even served Korea and they went that far to guarantee harmony on the planet not just in Africa. The other great issue, as indicated by the Zambian Attaché, is the number of female officers in the powers, and the UN supports the interest of ladies in peacekeeping and peacebuilding.

Brigadier General Nthenga asked Ethiopia to proceed with its job in peacekeeping missions. “I might want to encourage Ethiopians to proceed with the soul of their past experience.”

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