Comedian Azimeraw make Maritu Laugh on Seifu EBS

They never really establish their own unique identities or fashions. Consider the contestants on singing competition shows like American Idol or The Voice, for instance. It seems reasonable to say that the winners of these competitions meet the requirements for “good singers,” don’t you? They strike their notes with force, accuracy, and finesse, and they project a sense of self-assurance. Let me ask you this, though: Years after the show, how many of those names do you still recall? maybe one or two. possibly none. Because most of them are easily forgotten, despite all the applause from the audience and all the judges’ praise. The legendary musicians you’ve listened to and adored your entire life, who would perform horribly in these competitions, would be the opposite extreme to compare them to in order to find the solution. The first person who comes to mind is Bob Dylan. Like guitarists, bassists, and drummers, There is nothing to hide behind as a singer when you get up on stage and open your mouth. The audience will be fully aware of your identity and your current state of mind. They will be able to tell because of the way you look, how you act, and most importantly, the tone of your voice. While there are numerous ways to deceive yourself into having irrational confidence… The first few episodes of each season of American Idol have taught us all that false confidence in one’s ability to sing is worse than uncertainty. Therefore, it is preferable to develop objective self-confidence by actually improving. We will therefore focus on competence for the remainder of this article. Just keep in mind that all of your technical skills are useless if you lack confidence as well.

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