Comedian Emebet, Tilahun and Filifilu together….

The old adage “Laughter is the best medicine” may be familiar to you. It turns out that a good chuckle might actually be therapeutic. Laughter is the physical expression of finding something amusing. It helps increase circulation, boost the immune system, and lower inflammation and stress hormones. You don’t even have to laugh aloud to get the benefits of humor in your life: “Just finding something humorous or interesting can have the same effects.” She says that humor enables you to view things in a fresh and unexpected manner. “ It’s not about making the unpleasant seem amusing or dismissing pain and suffering; rather, it’s about allowing ourselves to more frequently see the lighter side of life as a means to unwind and refuel. Humor is a habit, not a skill. He advises developing the practice of seeing humor in commonplace situations rather than obsessing on being witty or humorous. For instance, if you spill your coffee, have a good laugh about it with your companion. Life can be dramatic, terrifying, or humorous. How frequently do you view it as a comedy? Start with laughing, laughing, laughing. Don’t just smile to yourself when you find something amusing; instead, let out a loud “Ha ha!” At first, this could seem forced, but with some practice, you’ll laugh more frequently and louder on your own will. You’ll get better at using comedy as you practice using it more.

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