Comedian Eshetu was blessed by Emama Zinash

It is a special day, and we want to wish a happy day to all of our mothers. Truly, one day a year to celebrate and acknowledge your value is insufficient. I think we should and can give our mothers and wives praise on a daily basis. And men, today I hope you’ll let your wives come home from church and have a nice meal ready for them, that you’ll load the dishwasher and run it, and then… take a moment to tell her you love her! Now this morning, I’d like to share a few ideas and a brief message with you about the importance, blessing, and value of a mother. I therefore hope you had your Bible with you today. The relationship between children and parents is addressed in the fifth of God’s ten commandments, which He gave to Moses on the mountain of God. God demands that parents be respected, and our mother is undoubtedly one of them. The biblical instruction to respect our parents now has a special meaning. You see, God gave our mothers the position of authority over us as a lesson in how to live. Mothers are the cornerstone of our lives; they are intended to guide us to God with the aid of our fathers. The respect and esteem that God bestows upon us are references to this unique individual in our lives.
However, our mothers serve as a reminder of the one who gave birth to them and bestowed upon them the privilege of bearing, holding, loving, and raising their children in preparation for the same task God will entrust to their hearts.

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