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comedian sintayehu kifle and mamush on Sunday breakfast

Each day is full of discovery and joy as you become more and more involved with your relationship and in each other’s lives. Your heart races while they’re with you, and it aches when they’re not. If merely because you are in love, your entire world could be turned upside down and everything would still be alright for the time being. Many couples refer to this euphoria as the “honeymoon phase.” The honeymoon period, which happens during the early stages of a relationship when laughter, lust, and attraction are at their greatest, can last weeks, months, or even years. This part of your relationship, however, tends to wane as you advance through the stages. You’re in the honeymoon phase when everything seems to be going so well. The good days outnumber the bad days, and the good days are amazing. Maybe your sexual energy is at an all-time high right now, or you’re feeling great longing even while your partner is standing alongside you. It’s almost as though you’re high on love. It has a mystical aura about it.” Everyone appeared to be in excellent health. There aren’t any flaws that we can spot.”
When these feelings arise early in a relationship, they are often associated with infatuation, the first stage of falling in love. Because some couples revisit the honeymoon phase after major life events like getting engaged or married, this honeymoon phase, or stage, can occur at any moment during a partnership. Some people have no prior experience with it.” When your brain is filled with dopamine (also known as the joy hormone), every touch or look from your spouse, or thought about them, is followed by a flush of desire.”

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