Comedian Yasin doing voice impersonation of famous people

Ethiopian cinema, like the rest of Ethiopia’s film industry, is a relatively new development. The Ethiopian film industry has been hindered from reaching its full potential by a range of issues. Ethiopians love live theater, yet there aren’t many notable Ethiopian actors among them. However, piracy and copyright infringement have slowed the growth of Ethiopian films in the 2000s, when Amharic was introduced. As a result of government involvement and policy implementation, this dropped in the early 2010s. The latest advancements in Ethiopian film production haven’t changed the low budget and incompetence that have characterized Ethiopian premieres abroad. After the world’s first motion picture was shown on December 25, 1895, in Ethiopia, the country’s first film was shown in 1898, three years later. Socioeconomic instability has considerably hampered the growth pace. As a result of government pressure, Ethiopia’s film industry has focused on historical and documentary films with cultural, religious, and national roots since the 1970s. At the 2003 Annales d’Ethiopia, Italian minister Federico Ciccodicola purchased the first Ethiopian film-related artefacts, which were introduced to the country by a Frenchman in 1898. Ciccodicola then presented an item to the Emperor Menelik II as a token of his gratitude. According to historians Berhanou and Richard Pankhurst, the Majesty had a wide range of films to choose from prior to the first public screening (1909–10).

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