Comedy music with Tilahu and Teddy

A different stand-up comic continues the gags on the African Union by explaining why Addis Abeba hosts the summit so frequently. One of the stand-up comedians, Abiy Melaku (Jammy), said, “I am sick and tired of the African Unity, the integration, the union, the progress, and all the hype,” while portraying Nelson Mandela’s displeasure with the African Union. I can see why they came here: to see the women. There is a cuisine specifically for Ethiopian women. Here’s what’s on the menu, shall we? Traditional Aselefech is “100% organic, without cosmetics.” The crowd celebrates and applauds the comedian. Ethiopia is home to smart people like the Azmaris, who are renowned for their wax and gold ironies and witty sense of humor. Even the ruling class of the time was interested in what Azmaris was saying. Aside from their sense of humor, the Azmaris of the time were seen as a constant amplifier of what was happening and a voice for the voiceless. The majority of the jokes can be credited to the well-known poet Aleqa Gebrehana. Even a few of the jokes have been altered and transformed into his proverbs. Stand-up comedians are a relatively recent phenomenon in Ethiopia, despite the fact that Azmaris have lived there for millennia. Numerous Ethiopian stand-up comedians, such Tesfaye Kassa, Alebachew and Limenh, and Abirham Asmelash, seem to have both positive and negative effects on society through their comedic works.

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